Christmas 2014


I can't believe how time can really fly. Another year is ending...

Thank you 2014, and hope for a better 2015 :)

Wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas~

Quilt for Mom (The forever and ever project!)


With a new collection of Japanese pre-cut squares, I thought it would be nice to give quilt a try. My materials are:
  • Baby size (Warm & Natural)
  • 100 squares 
This was my first layout of the fabrics on my bed
Good thing i arrange them in order of sewing~

In order not to mix up the orders, I label it also by row. Don't forget to label each piece too! You will lost track which is up and down!! Later on the 2nd row, i start to no my fabrics too :P

In the center, I decide to embroider something, and found it in Bumpkin Bear shop 
I added my own version to this design~

I will update the finish version... I'm going to add somethings on the right side...

Past workshops

It's been some time since I had open a workshop... Which one should I go for? hmmm

Previous workshops:

Boo Happy Halloween Workshops

Tinkerbell Workshop

Publication: I love handmade Zakka vol. 10

Original posted on: 2011, 01

I was asked by my teacher to assist her in a project she wrote for I Love Handmade Zakka Vol.10 which is one of those handmade magazines here in Taiwan.

Here are some of the stuff we made together:
Vol.10 Cover
Cellphone holder

My teacher Shop and Name, my name

My teacher did this herself

I help in making this bag

I hope there will be more of my works shown next time~ till than :)

Ice Skating

Originally written on: 2010. 03.31

In high school, I dream of being the first Taiwanese skater to skate in the Olympics!! (hahah what a big dream!) But that dream was crash after my accident on the ice before my competition..

But I still love the feeling when you skate..

It was back in grade school when I used to have this notebook where I would write down my thoughts in poem format. It has been some time ago and hope I haven't loss the touch.. Hope the poem I wrote below makes sense and I’m able to express what I want to say.
Photo: by Kukubee
As I put on my headset
listening to the lyrics, keeping my mind at ease
I breath in the cool air that sounds me
Feeling that I have finally come home.
Strapping my old skates,
I slowly glide gently to the ice,
feeling the air that caress my face
slowly, lifting away my fears~
lifting away my troubles..
leaving me with nothing but an empty mind
but content.
Very Content..
The sweet sound of the blade
cutting through the ice,
shesh sheesh
.... is all you hear....
when you glide on the ice.
What would make this moment more perfect?
ah.. but a knight in skates!
Now that would be a sight to never forget.
A knight who will catch you when you fall
who makes you feel your as light as the air you breath…
now, that is a dream..
Maybe one day, I’ll live in that dream..

To my Knight..

Originally posted on 2011.01.12
This was a poem I wrote years ago on 2011.. At times, looking back, makes you wonder, what made it so hard to let go? Time sure heal wounds in some way, but the scars remain..

Let's try by Naokosstoop

I may look as tough as a rock,
so bold and outgoing,
no worries that buggle my mind,
but deep inside, I'm just a little girl,
trying so hard to please you again,
scared to say the wrong words,
afraid.. afraid I might never be good enough..
for you, for your family...
I took the risk and ask again,
but the answers break my heart :(

You always comfort me when the storm comes,
still there when the storm is gone,
making me laugh and cry,
siding with me even when i'm not right,
make me feel as if I am truly the most precious stone.

You don't have to be good looking,
you don't have to be rich,
you don't have to be perfect,
you just have to be you,
because i like the whole package,
and that makes you "perfect" for me~

I miss having you around...
maybe someday, maybe another lifetime,
we can finally be together again.
what the future lies, I'm unsure, but one thing will always remain,
you'll always have a special place in my heart...
my pp.. take care while were apart...

Moon Talk No.1 - Naokosstoop

Spring, Summer & England Craze

Original post date: 2012 May 10th


I still have glues on my fingers as I type on my computer right now! haha But I enjoy every moment of making them all. Some were actually done months ago, but I have slight sewing to fix manually and also, I didn't feel like putting the frames on. Tonight, as I watch Ti Amo Chocolate to keep me company, I finished everything~

Top: Isn't this abit girly? but not too? The love the contract and combinations of fabric for this one.
Middle: Feeling the heat anyone? I sure am here in Taiwan!! And what is summer without some "ribbit!" 
Below: English crazy~ I have always like the guards and the Union Jack... The better half is on the other side! 

It's almost 1am, time for me to clean up my fingers! Yikes... and get a good rest because we have an important even tomorrow. 

I will take a better photos on natural sunlight this Saturday, but if your interested to reserve, please feel free to email me :)