My favorite flower


The other day, we have customers visiting our store, my collegue got some flowers to make the whole showroom smell marvelous. And of all the flowers, she bought one of my favorite~

I love the suttle scent, its simple beauty and color. I believe I got two favorites, the other is a secret~

Because the place smelled so great, i bought some flowers on the way home! Some of it opened and don't they look marvelous~

Have a wonderful night~ tonight, ill take it easy and watch this tv series im
following called "inborn pair", than ill cozy up reading my book before I sleep.

Yesterday and the days before, I slept after 2AM, so im really kinda beat..

Is it me, or iphone does not have bluetooth feature? trying to bluetooth between my ipad and iphone since internet is down. but they cant find each other! There right beside or in front of each other!!! grrrrr

ps.. i finally have internet again after 3 days!!! gosh, how do we survive one without it? :p

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