Beautiful Hwalien


On April 3rd, I took the night train to Hwalien but I arrived there later than expected due to an accident on the railway. The train hit on someone who try to cross the railroad which cause lots of train delays going to and from the North.

That day was also my longest day. My bestfriend who I called "piggy" from the anime character p-chan pass away. Im sadden but it could be for his good as he have to do dialysis, and constant complain of different health issues. Im sure his in a better place.

Due to the delay of the train, i took that time to write him a letter, and say my prayer. I hope his not feeling scared but someone fetch him in heaven, that he can go without worry.
This was also the time for me to see my ancestors.. i wish i have some private moments with them to say how i felt.. but i never did. I care too much of what others will think, that is my problem.
I enjoy taking those photos, and hope everyone enjoy it too~

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