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May 6
sigh, im back from the trip but i didnt even have a spare time to post any of it during my trip!!!

some photos arent that good and as they say, ugly photos does ruin the product and dont give justice. I would need to reshoot some of them, this time, i will stick to white background:)

i will try to come out with more products this week, but for sure, i cant have them delivered by Mothers day unless the order are placed by tom! So cross that though out, and simply have sale~ bwahhah

hope this week i will be able to have my website running too~

sorry guys,

april 19,2012
ill be away on a business trip and before my trip, this wonderful lady finish all graphic design for my shop~ So last minute I decide to have a soft opening/ vacation sale!!!

please do take note, I will start shipping out by May 1. Sorry for this..

Im waiting for my flight to Milan, and here some photos from Taiwan International Airport~

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