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The day after tommorrow is "all souls day" here in Taiwan, and my yearly tradition is going to Hwalien.

This is the time when I go back to my roots, where life is so simple. It has a beautiful landscape, clear night sky where i get to see the stars, fresh air, clear clean water:) I have always great fond memories there as a kid during my summer visit..

This also the time to talk to "grandpa", unfortunately, in my heart only.. he past away about 6 years ago and my only regret was, I never got to say "bye" to him. I remember joking with him that I'll see him in December as, that year, I will be back to Taiwan to celebrate sis wedding, as well as introduce my ex-fiancee. Grandpa a simple guy who lives in the province and we chat alot and he lets me tag along going to his farm~

Yes, Hwalien is a very rural area. All you can do is eat, eat and sleep!haha Since im working on my shop, i though it best to prepare lots of stuff to sew there..

I draw them all last night, lined and let it cool down. Tonight, ill draw onto the fabric and cut those patterns, to prepare to have it hand sew on the train or in Hwalien.. Hope i will get some sewing done~

Don't you love those colors~ So bright! Spring definitely arriving, its abit warm tonight:)

I'm enjoying using the "toy camera" software on my iphone:)

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