How to Get there:

MRT Red line --> Tanshuii Station Stop

The Sunset
Tanshuii is the place to go for romantic sunset, great local food, biking and taste of History.

When you exit from the MRT station, you will see this great view on the bay side.

Fishing or yacht docking area

Isn't this sooo romantic~

Look at this.. 

What more romantic than a Church~ 

This does remind me of  the last 2 episode of "absolute boyfriend" where the guy proposes to his girlfriend..

Now, this is a better view..



How to Get there:

From Taipei Main Station, take the MRT (Red line) toward Xinbeitou.

Places You should Visit:

  Doesn't it looks like milk hot spring?! 

This is a hot spring Museum..

Extremeeeee hot! hot! spring...

This is called the "blossom Garden". A well known Chinese Calligrapher rest house which turns into a museum now. Enjoy the wonderful artistic calligraphy. Or sit outside to enjoy the peace. 

 View from the Beitou Library.. 

This Beitou Library is considered one of the Green buildings. Sitting under the shade and enjoy the breeze after a long day walk is really relaxing.