Ice Skating


Originally written on: 2010. 03.31

In high school, I dream of being the first Taiwanese skater to skate in the Olympics!! (hahah what a big dream!) But that dream was crash after my accident on the ice before my competition..

But I still love the feeling when you skate..

It was back in grade school when I used to have this notebook where I would write down my thoughts in poem format. It has been some time ago and hope I haven't loss the touch.. Hope the poem I wrote below makes sense and I’m able to express what I want to say.
Photo: by Kukubee
As I put on my headset
listening to the lyrics, keeping my mind at ease
I breath in the cool air that sounds me
Feeling that I have finally come home.
Strapping my old skates,
I slowly glide gently to the ice,
feeling the air that caress my face
slowly, lifting away my fears~
lifting away my troubles..
leaving me with nothing but an empty mind
but content.
Very Content..
The sweet sound of the blade
cutting through the ice,
shesh sheesh
.... is all you hear....
when you glide on the ice.
What would make this moment more perfect?
ah.. but a knight in skates!
Now that would be a sight to never forget.
A knight who will catch you when you fall
who makes you feel your as light as the air you breath…
now, that is a dream..
Maybe one day, I’ll live in that dream..

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