To my Knight..


Originally posted on 2011.01.12
This was a poem I wrote years ago on 2011.. At times, looking back, makes you wonder, what made it so hard to let go? Time sure heal wounds in some way, but the scars remain..

Let's try by Naokosstoop

I may look as tough as a rock,
so bold and outgoing,
no worries that buggle my mind,
but deep inside, I'm just a little girl,
trying so hard to please you again,
scared to say the wrong words,
afraid.. afraid I might never be good enough..
for you, for your family...
I took the risk and ask again,
but the answers break my heart :(

You always comfort me when the storm comes,
still there when the storm is gone,
making me laugh and cry,
siding with me even when i'm not right,
make me feel as if I am truly the most precious stone.

You don't have to be good looking,
you don't have to be rich,
you don't have to be perfect,
you just have to be you,
because i like the whole package,
and that makes you "perfect" for me~

I miss having you around...
maybe someday, maybe another lifetime,
we can finally be together again.
what the future lies, I'm unsure, but one thing will always remain,
you'll always have a special place in my heart...
my pp.. take care while were apart...

Moon Talk No.1 - Naokosstoop

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